CBT can help with a variety of issues

CBT can help with a variety of issues

challenging unhelpful thoughts and behaviours can improve our well being

Cognitive behaviour therapy, CBT is based on the principle that individuals learn unhelpful ways of thinking and behaving over a long period of time. However, identifying these thoughts and how they can be problematic to feelings and behaviours can enable individuals to challenge negative ways of thinking, leading to positive feelings and behavioural changes. It is possible for therapy to take place on a one to one basis, with family members or even as a group depending on the issue and how the individual feels most comfortable.

CBT can be useful for issues such as:

  • anxiety
  • anger issues
  • couples counselling
  • depression
  • eating disorders
  • obsessive compulsive disorder
  • phobias
  • post traumatic stress disorder
  • panic attacks
  • postnatal depression
  • relationship issues
  • friendship counselling

Different issues

The emphasis on cognitive or behaviour aspects of therapy can vary depending on the issue. The emphasis may be more towards cognitive therapy when treating depression and more towards behavioural therapy when treating OCD.

Relationship issues

Counselling for relationship issues can help improve the way we relate to the people around us and break free of old patterns to realise our potential. The the way we relate to others and the effect this has on our lives is usually an essential part of the work that can be done in therapy. Our sense of identity and self-worth is often based on the strength of our relationships and when these relationships fail it can leave us with a sense of hopelessness.

Our ways of relating to others are learned at a young age and we can become stuck in unhealthy and obstructive habits that control our lives. We may find that we are quick to accept blame for things that aren’t our fault. If we where bullied as a child we may without realising it invite criticism from others as that is all we know.


This is an important thing for any person, if we don’t respect ourselves how will others respect us? If these are in short supply you may consider counselling to address them. Any behaviour in any relationship that weakens a person’s self respect/confidence can be looked at and examined.

CBT is a practical counselling therapy, which is likely to work best treating a specific issue as it focuses on particular problems and how to cope with and overcome them.

CBT sessions may consist of a number of activities including :

  • coping skills
  • assessments
  • relaxation
  • challenging certain thoughts
  • thought stopping
  • homework

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