Stop smoking effortlessly

A big part of quitting smoking is letting go of the smoking routine you once had and looking at cigarettes differently. Hypnotherapy is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of treatment to help do this.

One session

Hypnotherapy can help you stop smoking in one session

If you are considering hypnotherapy to quit smoking the first step is to make sure you are choosing to quit for yourself. Hypnotherapy is most effective when you really want to quit – if you are doing it because you think you ‘should’ or because a friend or family member is pushing you, you may not get the results you want.

Hypnotherapy works by putting you in a deep, relaxed state where your mind is more open to suggestion. At this point your hypnotherapist will look to change your thought patterns by making suggestions such as ‘I do not want a cigarette’ or ‘I am repelled by the smell of cigarette smoke’. For many people, just one hypnotherapy session is enough to quit smoking however some may benefit from a follow-up session. Before any hypnotherapy takes place Dionne will take a detailed assessment to take a history of the clients smoking. This will be used to form the script for the hypnosis session. Each hypnosis session is different and tailored to the individuals history and specific needs.The next session is the hypnotherapy session, usually one session is enough, sometimes a follow up session is required.

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