whatThings You Should Stop Doing Now to Free Yourself from Anxiety

Anxiety disorder is among the most common mental health disorders affecting millions of people worldwide. Whilst being anxious from time to time is normal, and could in fact help us do things better and in a more careful way, too much anxiety gives us more harm than good. Not only does it prevent us from reaching our full potential, it also gives us emotional distress than when not addressed properly, could lead to a more serious mental health problem.

You may not realise it, but there are several negative habits that are common among people who often experience anxiety problems. Getting rid of these habits can save you from experiencing chronic anxiety, even during the most stressful moments.

Obsession to Perfection

We will never know the outcome of something until we’re doing it. But if you are obsessed about perfectionism, getting started can be a great challenge. You may have gone through mistakes in the past that you don’t want to happen again. But in this world of uncertainty, you can never be 100% sure, even if you have given your best already. Failure is part of learning. It’s hard to learn something in a deeper level without committing even a minimal mistake.

Fear of Criticism

Anxious people try to hide away from other people’s feedback. Hearing someone say not-so-good things about their performance or behaviour makes feel like they will shatter into pieces. Hearing a negative feedback can be tormenting a lot of times. And don’t think you are the only person who feels that way. But the good news is that you can react to it more positively and take the negative feedback more constructively. As your boss give you not-so-good feedback, try acting more relaxed. When you let your body calm down, your mind follows. And instead of taking it negatively, let the feedback serve as a tool to improve yourself and be better. The negative feedback will sooner or later become history. What matters more is that you’ve grown and improved.

Fear of Trying

Fear of trying is often a result of the two negative habits mentioned above – obsession to perfectionism and fear of criticism. Anxiety is when you fill your mind with negative scenarios of something that has not happened yet. For instance, fretting about the possibility of failing in a job interview, not getting enough money to pay for the bills, or not finding the right person actually prevent us from taking risks and giving ourselves a chance to step out of our comfort zone and explore the world. You will never know until you try. And if you really want to succeed, there’s no point thinking about the possible bad things that could happen. You should focus on the positive side – your success.

If you have all these three habits, now is the time to make a conscious effort to give them up. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s all going to be worth it. Call Dionne on 0754 282 0678 for more information.


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